The Janchi Show

A Podcast about, by and for Korean Adoptees.

We interview other adult adoptees, eat/drink Korean cuisine (mostly snacks), and have a big ol' party to celebrate the parts of our identities that make us unique and bring us together!

FAQ: What's the Show About?

And How Did It Get Started?

What's the Show About?

We’re three Korean adoptees spread out around the US, and each of us are at different stages in life. We talk about the Korean Adoptee experience in America and learn more about our shared culture, usually with food. Each week we’ll have other Korean adoptees from all over the world joining us to talk about what makes us similar and what makes us unique.

What Does "Janchi" Mean?

Janchi (잔치) is an older Korean word that we translate as "to celebrate, feast or party," and that's what the heart of our show is. We want to celebrate our shared Korean culture and the journey we are all on.


The three of us got connected through the show's Executive Producer, Jerry Won (creator of the Dear Asian Americans podcast). Nathan and Jerry had been friends IRL, and when KJ and Patrick both asked if they could guest on the podcast, Jerry thought it would be great to arrange a play-date for 3 adult males over Zoom. After we all agreed and got over the awkwardness of meeting 3 random people, Jerry suggested we start a podcast, and the rest is history!

Meet Your Hosts

Fun Fact: We've never met in person!

Nathan Nowack


Patrick Armstrong


K.J. Roelke